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    • Portrait Retouching
      Portrait Retouching

      We provide high end portrait retouching service purpose to enhance your rest of the portrait, headshot, wedding photo, maternity and new borng baby photo looks good and more natural.

      9 December, 2014
    • Photoshop Clipping Path
      Photoshop Clipping Path

      Photoshop Clipping Path is a manual process to remove unwanted background from rest of the pictures. This is a technique to outline with Photoshop pen tools over the objects that you want to save and erase the outside part of the Read More

      25 December, 2014
    • Photoshop Hair Masking
      Photoshop Hair Masking

      The process of Image Masking to cover the useless area. Sometime many of the images we found over complicated to find out exact edge and hard to make Photoshop Clipping Path. On that time we apply a method…Read More

      25 December, 2014
    • White Background
      White Background

      It is a method of applying white background for the product image. Because, white is a universal background color of maximum photos. Basically, we use Photoshop…Read More

      25 December, 2014
    • Image Retouching
      Image Retouching

      Image Retouching/ cloning is a vital process to clean up skin age, dots, wrinkles, unwanted strip on image. Image Repairing provides Image Retouching service with…Read More

      25 December, 2014
    • Neck Fill & White Background
      Neck Fill & White Background

      Photoshop Neck Fill is a terms to add neck joint from ghost mannequin of T-shirt, cloths any kind of garments item.

      19 January, 2015
    • 24/7 Live Support If you have any query about our image repairing service don't be late or hasitate our 24/7 support desk always ready to welcome you with greetings.
    • Edit your image firstly As we experts and enough skilled in the field of image repairing or image editing job. So, why not take our service firstly.
    • Save your time We respect your time and also know the value of it. So, we always ready to work with three sifting designer panel.


    About Us

    IR  is a foremost offshore image editing firm located in Bangladesh. Offering most expected image repairing Services like Photoshop Clipping Path, Multi-Clipping/ Color Path, Photo Retouching, Image Manipulation, Image Enhancing and many others IR has achieved an excellent reputation turnaround by outsourcing. You may know thousands of image editors, provide graphic design services relating mentioned subjects we make us skilled and experienced among them by organizing a lot of successful projects over night. We have some energetic young designers who are the proficiency almost creative DTP professionals. So, we ensure you that we the most fancy team to repair or manipulate your beloved photos.

    Image Repairing-Why we best?

    • We don’t take upfront payment
    • Negotiable cost we offer
    • Services we provide ASAP
    • Any kinds of Image manipulation task
    • Bulk Size Image Editing capability
    • Easy download/ upload system for ordering files
    • 100% accuracy and secrecy
    • Quick and 24 hours fancy customers supports
    • Skilled DTP professionals lead the jobs
    • 24/7*365 days working hours

    Image Repairing- Our Featured Services!

    Image Repairing (IR) is a comprehensive team to provide all Image Editing Services like Photoshop Clipping Path, Image Masking, Image Retouching, and Raster to vector. Besides, another image processing services related to the featured. With a view, we embellish our service list below-

    Our special services

    • Clipping Path
    • Multi-Clipping Path/ Color Path
    • Color Correction
    • Drop Shadow / Reflection Shadow
    • Natural Shadow/ Original Shadow
    • Image Masking
    • Photo Retouching
    • Raster to Vector
    • Image Manipulation
    • Nick Join



    Business always seeks profit with low cost compromising upper quality works. So, why not you think about it. We offer excellent worth image editing services like Clipping Path, Multi-Path, Image manipulation, Layer Mask, Alpha Channel Mask, Image Masking and so many services with affordable price. Firstly, we take attention with your project’s size, complexity and quantity then merging all the facts we fix up a flexible price for the task.


    I hope after reading you may have a look of our work and productivity. If you want to receive quality Image Editing service and Photoshop Clipping Path Service with expected query you should contact us. Before ordering I apologies you to take a free trial work and then place your order. Thanks

    Our Mission


    Get Image Editing jobs


    Complete All the Perfectly


    Achieve Client’s Satisfaction

    Recent Blog

    Pricing Table

    Start from$0.39
    Clipping Path – $0.49
    Masking – $0.89
    Retching – $1.20
    color Correction – $1.50
    Nick Fill – $.95
    Most popular plan
    Start from$1.00
    Clipping Path – $1.20
    Masking – $1.50
    Retching – $2.00
    color Correction – $2.00
    Nick Fill – $1.25
    Start from$1.50
    Clipping Path – $1.75
    Masking – $2.50
    Retching – $2.89
    color Correction – $2.50
    Nick Fill – $2.00
    Start from$5.00
    Clipping Path – Nego.
    Masking – Nego.
    Retching – Nego.
    color Correction – Nego.
    Nick Fill – Nego.


    Can I Get a Trial Free Of Cost?
    Why not? Before further order absolutely you should check our quality and make your decision finally. Go to free trial page and you may upload one or two images . We will provide the images after completing ASAP. Moreover,  You may download some of our works here and check the quality.
    How Do I Upload and Download Images?
    We develop our site been kept in mind customers flexibility and easy order placement system. Click here to learn more. 
    How Do I Pay Image Repairing
    At first you will receive your completed works and revise them. If you happy with the works, we will inbox you with a invoice including payment system.

    You can also Contact Us for “see/view/print” your invoices and make payments.

    You can set up a monthly payment scheme for ongoing work.

    We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Skrill, Payoneer, Netelar. You can also transfer money to our bank account or send us a cheque with DHL.

    Payment Method

    We accept world wide and most easiest payment method so that you can pay us easily! Get enjoy our services and pay without extra headache!