Photo Restoration Tutorial
While Photoshop is a great tool to enhance or modify digital images, it is also a fantastic application to repair or restore photographs damaged by the effects of age, neglect, or acts of nature.

In this photo editing tutorial we show you a simple method about photograph restoration using Photoshop’s many tools and filters. Master this simple technique and soon you will be able to rescue all of your old pictures. Let’s get started

STEP – 1

I have already specified dimensions and cropped the image. I always start out in photos like this with the patch tool and get larger areas roughly patched. Then I get more specific and change between the Patch Tool, the Healing Tool, and the Clone Tool as suited. I’ll explain in more detail in the next steps.

photo restoration-step1

STEP – 2

The Patch Tool works just as the Marquee Tool in regards to behavior. You drag a selection around the area you want to fix, then you click in the middle of your selection, and whilst holding the mouse button down, you drag the selection to another location in the picture with similarities and let go. Be sure to align your selection before you let it go.

photo restoration-step2

STEP – 3

After getting all the larger areas done change to the Clone Stamp Tool. As you work on your picture always feel free to experiment with these tools. If you are concerned with an efficient workflow, it’s good to get the grasp of these three tools.


STEP – 4

So now the restoration is done.

photo restoration-step4

STEP – 5

Now we remove noise in the image. Noise reduction is done in various ways, but here I use the Reduce Noise filter found under Noise.

photo restoration-step5

STEP – 6

After noise reduction we would go on to sharpening. Sharpening is another big topic, but a common use, and a good one, is the High Pass Sharpening. When you apply the High Pass filter, you would want to use low settings.

photo restoration-step6

STEP – 7

In this final step, I did adjust the contrast with curve like “S” shape. I often make use of Command + Shift + Alt + E to make a new layer from the layers below, and that’s what I would have done here.

photo restoration-step7

So that was the process of photograph restoration with Photoshop. But keep in mind that, always experiment and look for things you could add to your work to get even better result.

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