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Product photo retouching is a critical process for making an image more quality. E-commerce businesses mainly depend on online platforms. To sell products through online platforms, you must publish a professional, quality image. That’s why you will need help from a product photo retouching service provider.

They will edit your image with experienced hands, making your product photos more attractive and professional. An expert team can give your image a realistic look with editing.

However, Image Repairing is one of the most famous teams in the USA for providing product photo retouching services. They will handle your project very attentively to make it professional. They have more than thousands of happy clients in this field and have been working in this field for more than 10+ years.

Our product photo retouching service includes photo retouching and cleaning, background removal, shadow and reflection editing, ghost mannequin service, clipping path/masking, and creative product photo retouching.

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Why Outsource Product Photo Retouching Service to Us?

Reliable and Secured Workflow: Our image editing process is reliable and secure, and your data will be safe in our company.

Better turnaround time and time-saving: We always try to complete the task quickly. Maintaining deadlines with better quality is our priority.

High-quality, brand-aware editing: Our editing will be brand-aware. We will focus on making your product images perfect and high-quality for your brand.

Affordable: Our editing services are more affordable than those of any other company. Client satisfaction is more important to us than money, but we never compromise on quality.

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What Do We Offer In Product Photo Retouching Service?

Product photo retouching service can make your image more attractive to clients, which can increase your sales. The Image Repairing team can handle this kind of editing. We have gathered more than 10+ years of experience in this field. Our experts can retouch your product photos to make them more quality. We are a well-known image editing service provider in the USA because of our affordable and high-quality editing.

Photo retouching and cleaning:

To make your product photo perfect for your business and bring you financial profit, we will offer basic photo retouching, improving colors, removing inky shadows, and fixing white balance. We will also clean the picture to remove all distracting elements. Our experts will handle this kind of task very carefully.

Ghost mannequin technique:

Ghost mannequins are a magnificent and handy service for apparel products. We apply ghost mannequins to give buyers a better idea about the clothes. It will help customers visualize how they will look when they wear them. The Image Repair team can easily apply ghost mannequin effects on your product images. To do so, our experts remove the mannequin and expose hidden parts of the clothes.

Adding shadows & reflections:

To preserve a realistic look in product photos, we fix the shadows and reflections when we retouch them. Shadows are important to attract buyers. Adjusting reflections is important when retouching objects with a glass surface. Our most compelling photo retouching service includes adding shadows and reflections.

Color Correction & Editing:

When you have different colors for several similar products, you can get help from us for color correction and editing purposes. It’s an essential service for e-commerce. If your product photos reflect a variety of colors, they may mismatch. Also, the product color may not match with the background color. Our experts will make sure all colors look bright in the image.

Clipping path/masking:

You need to use a clipping path to remove and replace the background with a clean one. This will make the product look more professional, natural, and attractive. All our team members are very experienced in this field. We can also effectively separate your products from their backgrounds with image masking.

Rotation and resizing:

Buyers want to view products from different angles, and product photo rotation will help them do that. You may also need to resize your image to meet the requirements of different platforms. Rotation and resizing also help grab the attention of potential buyers. Our experts can handle this kind of task very carefully.

Background removal:

For a professional-looking image, you may need to remove the background. Distracting backgrounds can lose buyers’ attention to the products. With a solid white background, your product will focus more on the customer. Our experienced designer will remove and replace the background as per your requirements. But the most applicable color is pure white.

Reshaping, liquifying, and fixing symmetry:

We also offer reshaping (to show more details of the product), liquifying (to make it possible to push or pull specific pixels without losing quality), and symmetry fixing (to make products look great) services. Our professional hands will easily do this kind of task.

Creative product photo editing:

Creative product photo editing can persuade customers to buy. We add creative backgrounds and special effects and manipulate products to create floating products. We also fix color temperature, improve vibrancy, fix noise problems, adjust contours, and perform stitching so that your image looks more professional and gorgeous. This kind of editing plays a vital role in increasing sales.

Edit glossy and glass products:

Reflections, smudges, dirt, and fingerprints on glass and glossy objects may make the image imperfect. For a perfect and professional-looking glass and glossy image, our experts will offer photo editing services to fix color and lighting, remove smudges, and add reflections. So, make an appointment with Image Repairing to give your product a perfect finish.


Product Photo Retouching Service At Image Repairing

What Is a Product Photo Retouching Service?

It is called the product photo retouching process when we edit a product image after capturing it to make it perfect and professional-looking. Though it does not mean standard editing, it’s about a more in-depth version of photo editing. All editing must be flawless, from removing the background to creative product retouching. The size, color, light, background, reflection, and shadows all should be perfect. There should be no spots, scratches, or any other unwanted objects.

These tasks can only be handled by a professional and experienced hand. A professional product photo retouching service provider can complete these tasks smoothly.

Image Repairing is a professional team that can retouch your product images and make them realistic and gorgeous.


What Do We Offer In Our Best Product Photo Retouching Service?

Image Repairing is the best product photo retouching service provider in the USA. We don’t become famous so quickly. Our working experiences, quality results, dutifulness, and maintaining deadlines make them the best.

We don’t charge extra money, and our services are also budget-friendly. We always provide you with the best quality within the time and budget.

Our product photo retouching service includes some more services. Below is the list of our services.

  • We will remove your background and enhance the picture quality.
  • Will do color correction of any product
  • Cropping, resizing, reshaping, and liquifying are also included with our services.
  • Will fix contrast, brightness, and lighting editing.
  • We will add or remove shadows and reflections to make it perfect.
  • Will do creative product photo retouching.
  • Will add or remove any unwanted objects.
  • Noise reduction, watermarking, and Margin setting are also included.
  • We will provide clipping path/masking services.

We will provide you with these included services for product photo retouching. Aldo, we will follow our customers’ guidelines to ensure consistency across the entire range of products.


Is the Product Photo Retouching Service For You?

Product photo retouching services are mainly for e-commerce business owners or online retailers. If you want to increase your sales on an online platform, you should do product photo retouching. It will make your image perfect by removing all the imperfections. When you retouch your image and make it realistic, your customers will automatically pay attention to your product.

Product photo retouching involves extensive editing, such as removing the background, fixing lighting problems, adding shadows and reflections, etc. This kind of task cannot be done personally; it will require a professional, experienced person.